The Masquerade

A Podcast about starting a Podcast Network... with $85 and a Mask.
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The Masquerade

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Aug 14, 2017

This week Prophet takes over for Bumble while he is working on the newest soon to bee podcast. So while the bee is away the Prophet will say... to check out this episode as he Interviews the New Host of the Networks Second Official Podcast!

Only he can ask the deep questions that we all want to know.

Only he can get our guest to give a few spoilers.

Only he can time travel? 


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Theme Song: "Keeper of the Bees" by Kelly Latimore

Background Music: "Looking Back" by Lee Rosevere

Aug 7, 2017

This is an episode that is pretty short, because Bumble is a busy bee and working hard to get a whole new podcast ready for the Network! But, he does have some pretty cool tweaks that can show alot of growth as well as interesting expansions! And he has some big news for the next episode.... hmm.... that alone has to make you want to give it a listen right? 


Theme Song by: Kelly Latimore
Background Music by: Andy G. Cohen