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A Podcast about starting a Podcast Network... with $85 and a Mask.
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The Masquerade

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Jul 17, 2017

This episode gets funky as Bumble sits down with Kitsune for a foxy little interview at the company. As well; you get to hear from her pets a little as they make their first appearance on a podcast! So be sure to grab your lover, turn down the lights, and groove with this little episode. Aww yeah.... 


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Our website is: www.MasqMe.Org

Theme Song by: Kelly Latimore
Background Music by: Podington Bear
"Bottle Opener" remixed by Doug Salamone

Jul 11, 2017

This episode title DOES have a misspelling; i know, i know... but it was either make the letter "R" capital (which i don't care for the look of mid-work) or just go with it. Heck, some of you probably did not even notice. Whoops. Also this episode does contain some material that is not safe for work, so be warned. Because i sit down with odious as he opens up a bit about why he wants to work for the company.


Theme Song by: Kelly Latimore
Background Music by: Jason Shaw

For more show-notes and whatnot, go to MasqMe.Org

Jul 4, 2017

This week we proudly announce that our website is officially up and running. You can find it at MasqMe.Org, and we appreciate your patience. Plus Bumble sits down with Prophet for the very first interview at MasqMe, answering those tough questions... like what animal he would be, what movie would he sequel, and a "If you were CEO" question. 


Theme Song by: Kelly Latimore
Background Music by: Unheard Music Concepts