The Masquerade

A Podcast about starting a Podcast Network... with $85 and a Mask.
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The Masquerade

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May 23, 2017

This is the episode where i go over possible names for the company as well break down 9 tips to help you create a name for your business or show as well as some preferred methods others suggest. 

How to create The Name:
1. Don't Rush the Process
2. Make it Easy to Spell
3. Short or Long
4. Keep Mobile in Mind
5. Remember SEO
6. Keep your Options Open
7. Don't Obsess over a Descriptive Name
8. Enlist a Focus Group
9. Be Visual 

And i will Announce the Official name for the Podcast Network. 


Theme Music by: Kelly Latimore
Background Music by: Kelly Latimore

May 9, 2017

This episode has us building a podcast with a small budget. I will be walking though through the stages of launching a show using the basic steps of building a house. Along the process I will also explain where I spent my funds and what i opted out of. 

Covering the basic steps you will learn about the: 
*Blueprints:  Establish the shows topic, niche, format and the "what" and "who"
*Rough Framing:  Figuring out the shows format, length and rating
*Plumbing/Electrical:  The equipment, both microphones and host. 
*Insulation/Drywall:  Covers Scripting and having a studio
*Interior Finishes/Trim:  The stage in which we edit, find music and a media host. 
*Exterior:  Covering cover art and a website

Plus our first Reader Mail! 


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